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"8 Best Children's Books About Autism"
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"Fostering Kindness and Empathy Through Literature"
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"8 Great Children's Books About Autism"
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"17 Children’s Books That Promote Understanding Of Autism"
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"The 4 Best Books to Teach Siblings about Disabilities"
July 2017 - Akron Beacon Journal
"Local Books and Authors: children's book about sensory processing disorder"
July 2017 - The Morning Journal
"Sheffield Lake native writes second book about autistic child and sibling"
July 2017 - The Sensory Spectrum
"Autism Books for Siblings"
July 2016 - Autism Parenting Magazine
"The Pink Side of the Spectrum - by Lori DeMonia"
April 2016 - FAAN - Families Advocating Autism Now
"Donated a collection of 10 autism awareness books to several libraries in the Humboldt County, California area. Love for Logan included in the awareness collection."
February 2016 - The Art of Autism - Article about Leah By Debra Muzikar
"Autistic Girl Draws Friends She'd Like to Have From Yearbook Pictures"
November 2015 - Specialmoms Parenting Magazine Interview
"The books, when used by teachers, help bring about a discussion to understand their peers with autism or sensory difficulties."
November 2015 - Friendship Circle - Special Needs Resources
"Six Children’s Books on Diversity and Acceptance of Self and Others"
October 2015 - Bluebee TeeVee
"Leah's Voice included in literature for kids resource in What Is Autism? episode guide, Love for Logan included in stories and resources for children in the What Are People With Autism Like? episode guide"
October 2015 - SEN Magazine
"Celebrating Ability - The inspirational relationship between an autistic girl and her sister by Lori DeMonia"
August 2015 - Mom's Choice Awards
"Love for Logan awarded the Mom's Choice Award in the Children’s Picture Books: Developing Social Skills category"
July 2015 - Friendship Circle
"Knowledge brings about understanding and compassion and nothing can achieve this better than sharing books with the youngsters under your care followed by lively discussions on the topic."
June 2015 - New York Book Festival
"Love for Logan receives Honorable Mention ~ New York Book Festival 2015"
June 2015 - The Impact of Sensory Processing Disorder.
"Our guest contributor, children’s author Lori DeMonia, shares the impact of sensory processing disorder in a children’s book inspired by her own family’s experiences."
April 2015 - The Humboldt Beacon.
"Books on autism awareness and acceptance were donated to Ferndale Elementary School Librarian Leanne McCullough by Familes Advocating Autism Now (FAAN) Secretary Emily Lewis."
February 2015 - Autism World Magazine.
"This inspired the children's book, Leah's Voice. The fictional story shares the moment a young girl is told about her sister's autism diagnosis."
November 2014 - Autism Parenting Magazine.
"My daughters’ relationship inspired the story. Through the ups and downs, their loving devotion to each other has always remained strong. I wanted to write a story about a sibling learning that her older sister is on the spectrum, and started to speculate about the future and how bringing friends to the house may become difficult for her. Leah’s younger sister is so mature for her age, and has compassion for her sister and all families affected by autism. She supports her sister no matter what, and we are extremely proud of her!"
September 2014 - Radio Interview
"Lori has written Leah's Voice, the story of an autistic child and her sibling, told from the sibling's point of view. It is meant to show how understanding can be taught by example. Leah DeMonia, now 13, contributed illustrations to the book."
July 2014 - Dr. Temple Grandin Outstanding Literary Work of the Year
"Siblings may find it difficult to explain to their friends, or feel disappointed when their friends aren’t more understanding. Leah’s Voice tells the story of two sisters facing these challenges. Through her kindness and devotion, one sister teaches by example the importance of including everyone and showing acceptance. The Autism Society presents the Dr. Temple Grandin Literary award to any item published or copyrighted within the last five years that positively affects the life of an individual or family member impacted by autism. While being a difficult subject book, It is first a superb example of good children’s literature."
November 2012 - Readers Favorite
"Leah's Voice given a 5 star review by Kristie Ingerto - a great story about accepting each and every person and treating everyone with respect and kindness."
"There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do."
- Dr. Temple Grandin